Decentralization for Freedom!

ELDAO is conceived and created as a truly decentralized community. There is no center, no "shutdown button," no leaders who can be intimidated or bought! We will regain our freedom, create tools for communication, and ensure free and better ways to manage resources.

Why Join ELDAO?

Freedom to Think and Communicate

ELDAO allows you to think and communicate freely. In our community, we create and implement joint projects together. ELDAO is built on the principles of cooperation, pooling of efforts, and resources.

Collective Ownership

What is created and all the results of activities belong to the community members themselves. We are building a fair economy.

Investments Beyond Assets

Investments are made not only in assets but also in labor, knowledge, and enthusiasm. All this creates ELREP (Reputation) - the most important capital in the community. In the future, ELREP will provide the greatest opportunities for community members.

Join the ELDAO Community

Do you want to become a member of the ELDAO community? Please read the information and register freely!


Phantom Community

WHY is this necessary?

  1. Decentralization
  2. Cooperation and Projects
  3. Fair Economy
  4. Self-Realization in the Community
  5. The Way of the Faceless

Decentralization for Freedom!

ELDAO is conceived and created as a truly decentralized community. There is no center, no "shutdown button," no leaders who can be intimidated or bought. Powered by ELTECH, using open-source software and decentralized servers. Each member's information belongs to them alone. This information cannot be tampered with, deleted, or accessed by anyone except the community member. Censorship is not possible.


Freedom above all!

Is it as important to you as it is to us? We believe it is a right originally given to every human being. Restrictions and control by governments and corporations are now reaching unspeakable proportions. The ability to collectively preserve and realize our freedoms - whether we remain human depends on it!

Self-Organization and Responsibility

Do we need someone to tell us what to do and how to live? Or, by coming together, are we capable of creating ideas, implementing them, and defining rules for ourselves? We don't just believe, we know the power of self-organization. The people themselves, their mind, will, intelligence, ability to communicate, to create and manage together is the real power and responsibility.

Phantomness and Security

Don't you think your personal life, your communication, your choices, and actions are rightfully your private space? Insane systems of control over all aspects of human life identify and oppress us. In ELDAO, we have the shield of phantomness - where the user themselves determines what they want to make public and what they want to keep private.

Trust and Reputation

What has always been the main characteristic of a person for society? Is it their status, money, diplomas, property? No! What matters is a person's reputation, their decisions, behavior, and benefits to the community. ELDAO technologies will allow each participant to form their reputation. It will determine the level of trust in them and their well-being.

If you share these values - we have one road. ELDAO is created for the joint realization of these beliefs.

Pooling Resources and Real Projects

We pool our resources and manage them using ELV - the system of voting and decision-making based on the interests of the community.

How Projects Implemented by ELDAO Work:


All community members can propose projects for implementation through the ELV. The ELCOOP system is used for project management. ELCOOP is continuously improved by the community itself through collective management.

PROJECT IDEAS in ELDAO Formulated by the Community:

  • Phantom and free communication and interaction
  • International marketplace without currencies
  • Free and private artificial intelligence
  • Location system for living and recreation
  • Fair economy and digitization of real assets

Each community member can participate in projects or propose their own. The most effective community members manage projects in ELDAO using the ELCOOP system.

Fair Economy

ELDD - Reputation in Blockchain

The results of interaction, participation, and benefits to the community in any form are recorded in ELDD tokens. A community member's wallet is their identifier. The ELFANT system excludes the possibility to "buy" reputation or take it away. A record in the blockchain will always allow you to see what made this reputation possible.

Resource Allocation

Everything created in ELDAO belongs to the community members. The degree of participation of a community member determines the amount of ELDD. ELDAO funds will grow through the launch and operation of projects. ELDDs can be exchanged for other assets or used in community projects, to obtain goods and services, or to invest in new projects.

Self-Actualization in the Community

How Can You Participate in ELDAO, Benefit, and Receive ELDD?

Community members can act in any of these roles or in several roles at the same time:

  • Herald - Spreads information about the project, attracts new community members
  • Guardian - Technical specialist supporting servers and software
  • Expert - Creates project ideas, describes them, and manages their implementation
  • Master - Specialist who professionally performs tasks
  • Avatar - Representatives who act legally and solve the tasks necessary for ELDAO
  • Comrade - Contributes assets in any form, exchanging them for ELDD
  • User - Simply a community member who uses the project's features

ELDAO gives everyone in the community the opportunity for free self-realization. Everyone is equal in the community, and individual opportunities are determined by the ELREP level. The joint opportunities of people who consciously and freely join their efforts are limitless.

The Way of the Faceless

The FACELESS are the nameless founders who spent over 7 years designing this project. It takes into account the experience of self-organized communities in the history of mankind and modern attempts to organize decentralized societies. Many hours were spent designing interactions, economics, and community development principles. Having described all this and launched this process, they went into the Shadow, and some of them became ordinary members of the community. Because freedom, equality, and responsibility are the core values for which ELDAO was created.

Now it's our way, it's your way.


ELDAO - a truly decentralized community built for freedom.


Technical Solutions


ELTECH (EL Technical)

A complex of technical solutions required for ELDAO operation.

ELSO (EL Software)

Open source software used or modified by the community.


A decentralized network node, including both hardware and software.

ELDNET (EL Dream Net)

A decentralized communication system for community members.

ELFANT (EL Fantom)

A system to protect the privacy and security of community members.


Artificial intelligence based on open source neural networks, managed by the community.


Communication and Management


ELCOOP (EL Cooperation)

A system for discussions, decisions, and project management.

ELPRO (EL Project)

A system for proposals and the implementation of projects by community members.

ELV (EL Voice)

A system for voting and decision-making that takes into account the interests of the community.


Blockchain and Fair Economy


ELECON (EL Economy)

A fair economy encompassing all transactions and assets of the community.

ELDD (EL Dream)

A reputation token awarded for actions beneficial to society.

ELREP (EL Reputation)

The level of reputation and social capital, determined by the total number of ELDD tokens.

FELD (Fantom EL Dream)

A measure of value in exchanges of goods and services among community members.


Community Projects



A global decentralized marketplace for the exchange of goods and services.


Locations and centers for work and recreation, including food provision.

ELMED (EL Medicine)

Medical and wellness centers, comprising the community's medical resources.

ELSCI (EL Science)

Research and scientific centers, representing the body of scientific knowledge within the community.

ELEDU (EL Education)

Educational and development centers, embodying the community's knowledge and teaching methods.


ELDAO is a decentralized autonomous community. Our members create, manage, and ensure the activities of the community themselves.

  • Before registering, you must read the ELDAO declaration.
  • You must agree to the values of ELDAO and commit to complying with its rules.
  • By registering, you become a member of ELDAO!

ELDAO Basic Rules and Procedures

  1. Voluntary Community
    ELDAO is a voluntary community of people acting together for common goals.

  2. Non-Profit Organization
    ELDAO is NOT a for-profit organization or any other form of legal organization.

  3. Decentralized Management
    Management in ELDAO is collective and decentralized. Seizure and centralization of power are impossible.

  4. Participation and Contributions
    Participation and contributions to ELDAO activities can be in any form whose value is recognized by the community. The value is fixed by assigning ELDD units to a community member. The number of ELDDs forms the ELREP (Reputation) level. The ELREP level defines a community member's capabilities in ELDAO and is their main and inseparable wealth.

  5. Collective Ownership
    Everything created by ELDAO or derived from its activities belongs to the community itself, and therefore to the members.

  6. Copyright
    Copyright for all results of ELDAO activities belongs to the entire community and cannot be transferred to anyone.

  7. Establishment of Organizations
    ELDAO has the right to establish, create, and register any kind of organizations in any country. The results of such organizations' activities are controlled and owned by the community.


ELDAO Community Interaction Rules

  1. Privacy and Anonymity
    Each member of the ELDAO community has the right to privacy and anonymity. Information about oneself can only be disclosed voluntarily.

  2. Transparency
    Each member agrees that their activities and results in ELDAO, along with their public communication history, are available for review by other community members.

  3. Respect and Inclusivity
    All members must treat each other with respect, regardless of views, religions, cultures, and nationalities. We are here to create.

  4. Binding Collective Decisions
    Any collective decisions made according to the rules are binding on all members. If a member disagrees, they must independently and voluntarily cease participation in the ELDAO community.

  5. Confidentiality of Information
    Any information obtained through communication with others in the community or participating in ELDAO activities:

  • Cannot be used against ELDAO or its members.
  • May not be shared with third parties or organizations for use against ELDAO or its members.
  • Cannot be accumulated, processed, or structured by software without ELDAO's consent.
  1. Reporting Threats
    Each member must immediately report any threats to the community as soon as they become aware of them.

  2. Responsibility
    Each member accepts full responsibility for their decisions and activities within ELDAO.

  3. Joint Contributions
    Each member understands and agrees that all capabilities, assets, and technologies are the result of responsible joint activities of ELDAO members.


The Stages of Creating

The FACELESS have provided us with a rough roadmap for our community and goals. They remind us that this is just a preliminary guide. We will determine the exact path ourselves through collective and decentralized management.

First Stage: Project Launch

At the time of reading this text, this stage is already underway. Technical solutions have been selected and configured. The community has approved the Declaration, Rules of Communication, and Stages of Creating. The result of this stage is the launch of a smart contract and the pooling of resources of the first community participants.

Results of the First Stage:

  • Decentralized communication environment.
  • Basic privacy protection for community members.
  • The ability to pool resources through a smart contract.
  • Accrual of ELDD for useful actions for the community, generating ELREP for community members.
  • Launch of discussions and voting, description of the main features of ELDAO.
  • Decentralized management of common funds through a multi-signature system.
  • Creation of basic tools for spreading the idea and attracting new community members.
  • Launch of a smart contract, with pooled funds totaling 100,000 USDT.

Second Stage: Formation of the Community and Funds

This stage will demonstrate how willing people are to unite and create together. We must form ELDAO funds without external investors, without supervision, through self-organization. We must learn to actively participate in community activities, discuss and make decisions together. Effective teams will be formed to implement projects through ELCOOP. This stage involves the pooling of the most responsible and active creators, who will have a unique opportunity to profitably obtain ELDD and create their ELREP, providing unique opportunities in the future. There is nothing more interesting than creation for freedom!

Results of the Second Stage:

  • Improvement of the training part of ELCOOP and interface enhancement.
  • Creation of a mobile application.
  • Launch of gamification and the first ELDAO games.
  • Over 5,000 members and 20 decentralized ELHUBs.
  • Approval of projects and formation of teams to implement them.
  • Software implementation of ELDOO capabilities.
  • Smart contract refinement and FELD implementation.
  • Pooled funds and invested benefits with ELDD accrual over 2,000,000 USDT.

Third Stage: Creating a Fair Economy

Millions of people will be drawn into a decentralized, fair economy. ELDOO will allow the free exchange of goods and services, in a maximally convenient, secure, and quick manner. Self-organized management will dynamically determine what is acceptable and what is not in ELDOO. A new level of decentralization will be achieved through the launch of ELDNET and the development of the ELFANT system. Participants who invest in the creation and development of the community will be able to use their ELDD with maximum benefit. Acceptance of new members to ELDAO will be stopped. New communities can be created by duplicating the ELCOOP and ELDNET base, giving powerful development to the decentralized economy.

Results of the Third Stage:

  • Launch of the free ELDNET network based on the ELHUB distributed network.
  • ELDOO will operate and scale with the involvement of more and more people.
  • ELEDU development will begin to educate community members and achieve maximum efficiency.
  • ELPRO will allow duplicating ELCOOP tools and launching new projects.
  • Using ELDNET's digital power for phantom projects.
  • Spiral Economy will provide benefits to FELD staking.

Fourth Stage: Digitalization of Real Assets

Projects in the real economy will be implemented. Creation of ELLAND locations for living and recreation. Efficient food production will be deployed in some locations, ensuring food security for community members. ELMED will start working to provide access to safe medicines. Maximum investments will be made in ELSCI. Private and secure ELAi will be running at full capacity for use by all ELDAO members.

Results of the Fourth Stage:

  • ELLAND will be located in different parts of the world, offering places to relax and work where convenient.
  • At ELMED centers, community members will have access to safe and quality medicine.
  • ELSCI research centers will operate at full capacity.
  • With the help of ELEDU, training will be provided for children and adults.
  • Comprehensive security will be ensured to maintain freedom for ELDAO participants.

Fifth Stage: The Path of the Faceless

The Faceless Ones have decreed not to disclose the ideas of the fifth stage until the third stage is completed. For now, this information is in the hands of randomly selected Guardians. What we know is that this stage involves opportunities for interaction with the strongest vertical structures, without violence, on equal terms, by dissolving points of support, and creating conditions for the further development of a free community and changes.

HUB Registration Guidelines

If you are from other regions, use any of the nearest Hubs from among these.

Fediverse Account Usage

If you already have an account with Fediverse, you can use it to view our materials. We are an open community and respect your right to store your account on any Fediverse server. However, some functionality may not be available to you, and your participation in communities will not be Phantom.

Using ELFANT for Registration

ELFANT (EL Fantom) is a system designed to protect the privacy and security of community members.

Why is Phantomness Important?

We create a free community where each member independently determines what information to disclose about themselves. By default, all members are assumed to be phantoms. The account of a community member and their information is just a part of their present, i.e., Phantom on the Internet.

Registration Guidelines for Maximum Phantomness

  1. Use a Separate Email Address

    • Preferably on a secure email service. For example, TutaMail.
  2. Avoid Real Names

    • Do not use your real first and last name to register email or create an account with ELDAO.
  3. Unique Nickname

    • Do not use a nickname by which you are known in other projects when registering an account in ELDAO.
  4. Strong Password

    • Create a unique and strong password.
  5. No Real Photos

    • Don't use your real photos for your profile.
  6. Location Details

    • We recommend specifying your country, but do not specify the exact locality.
  7. Use Anonymization Tools

    • You may use VPN, TOR, or other means of anonymization for registration to increase the level of Phantomness.
  8. Multiple Accounts

    • You can have multiple accounts or register new accounts with a higher level of Phantomness in the future. This will not affect your ELREP (reputation) as it is tied to the crypto address.